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Get the gear from Twilight
January 19, 2009, 11:20 pm
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There is so much to talk about with Twilight, the adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer novel that has sunken its fangs into so many young readers. There is the literary angle – how does the film compare to the book? There are the stunning locations in Portland, Oregon (standing in for Forks, Washington) that play host to the romance between high school student Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire paramour Edward (Robert Pattinson). There are the quirky, high school fashions that combine modern edginess with classical elegance and even cars from Bella’s beaten up old 1963 Chevrolet C-10 truck to Edward’s Volvo C30 (originally a 1953 Chevy and a Volvo S60R in the book respectively), though for techie fans there is only one subject – the cool gadgets on show.

And there are quite a variety of techie toys and household items paraded in Twilight, many providing interesting insights into the characters that use them. So if you’ve read all the books, ditched all your old clothes in preference for some like Bella’s and are a veritable encyclopedia of information about Portland, complete your Twilight makeover by tooling up just like the Forks High School crowd.

Bellas Gear
Bella is more of a bookworm than a techhead in the Meyers novel, using an old PC that still has dial-up, a portable CD player and minus that staple of modern life – a mobile phone, though this all changes in the movie. Our heroine is given a few new trinkets to play with yet attention has been paid to keep these true to her character. They’re not too expensive for a teenager or too cutting-edge and new for someone far from interested in gadgets.

Instead she updates the CD player trading it for an Apple product, probably an iPod as suggested by her white Apple iPod earphones though the iPod itself never makes it onscreen. And when getting online to use the Google search engine to learn about all things vampire, Bella ditches her crusty PC for a Black Apple MacBook, but this is now a past generation model.

For keeping in touch with her mother Renee who lives in Phoenix, Arizona Bella uses a white Nokia 7360 mobile phone. This model is part of Nokia’s “L’Amour Collection” (a brilliant echo of the movie’s romantic theme) and with its feminine design of etched metal and transparent surfaces it manages to look young and fashionable. Key features include the integrated VGA camera, FM stereo radio and triband coverage on up to five continents.

Get Bella’s White iPod Earphones, Nokia 7360 Mobile Phone & Apple MacBook Black.

Edwards Gear
While Bella owns the customary must-have gadgets of modern life, Edward’s world of sleek luxury is a complete contrast. There’s nothing ordinary or commonplace about some of the stylish household items cluttering the youngest Cullen’s bedroom.

Being a vampire he doesn’t need to sleep, so trades a normal bed for a swanky Barcelona day bed made from real leather – great for lounging on at all hours. He also decorates his corner of the breathtaking Cullen house with an unusual side table that complements the white and minimilistic décor. Designed by famed American architect and designer Warren Platner, this side table is part of a collection originating from the 60s that transforms steel wire into scupltural furniture. Metallic rods are welded to circular frames and then polished and lacquered for protection. Like the day bed, the side table is far from cheap, yet that’s the glory of being an immortal – deep pockets.

There are some items in Edward’s room on a less grand scale, one being his stacks of music CDs. Currently playing on his sound system is “Clair de Lune” by French impressionist composer Claude Debussy which earns the thumbs up from Bella. ””Clair de Lune” is great,” she enthuses. This, the third movement of Debussy’s piano “Suite bergamasque” is heard during a car journey between the pair in the book, rather than in Edward’s room as per the movie and when translated from its Gallic roots neatly ties in with the film’s themes meaning “moonlight”.

Get the Barcelona Day Bed, Platner Side Table & Debussy – Clair de Lune CD.

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I saw the ipod lying on bella’s nightstand, it was a iPod nano in orange (or maybe yello, light was not so good).

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