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January 21, 2009, 10:43 pm
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Ever wanted to head to Forks ? I actually do… Damn living on the other side of the world

1. On a holiday weekend with extraordinary good weather for good measure, expect to see more young girls than at a Miley Cirus concert. We found them everywhere, in front of signs, taking pictures and snapping up Twilight merchandise.

2. Don’t stop at the wrong Forks sign. We entered town from the south end when our most fanatical Twilighter saw the same sign used at the beginning of the Twilight movie.

“I don’t think that’s the same si …” I began.

“STOP, STOP. That’s the sign,” she said. “You got to go back!”

Turns out there’s an identical “Welcome to Forks” sign on the other end of town.

3. Expect to find some people who think the characters are real. They fully expect Dr. Cullen to walk out of the Forks hospital or Jacob to be hiding in the woods on the nearby reservation in La Push.

I thought about mentioning Ophelia and Portia lived up the road, but that might be rude.

4. Some Twilight readers are disappointed when there’s no rain in Forks. They want it dark and dismal. Better for vampires, you know. Expect them to be moping around during the rare 67-degree sunny days In January.

5. This Twilight thing is still big. Vernon brought his family from Australia because of the popular books. They were visiting family in Seattle but detoured to Forks at the encouragement of his oldest son.

He’s not the only one. They’re coming from all over the world because of Twilight.

The visitors center in Forks recorded 200 visitors the weekend before we arrived. For the month of December, 1,400 people came through.



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