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Robert Pattinson’s Baseball Failure
January 22, 2009, 1:19 am
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Robert Pattinson might look like a really good baseball player in Twilight but he isn’t in real life.
It seems like clever shooting by the director made Rob look a lot better than he is.
Robert admitted to Parade.com: “Actually, I’m terrible at baseball. Catherine (the director) desperately wanted me to look like a pro baseball player, for some reason.
I was like, ‘Why? He’s not a pro baseball player. He’s a vampire.’ I just didn’t understand it. And so I kept fighting everyone the whole time. I was like, ‘He can be crap. He doesn’t even need to be able to play. He doesn’t even need a bat.’
“But I admit Catherine edited those scenes to make me look pretty good.”
Rob never expected that Twilight would make him a megastar.
He added: “I thought I was working for Catherine Hardwicke, a respected independent movie director, making a vampire film with Kristen Stewart, an actress who was on a roll doing kind of classy, indie films.
“I didn’t see it as a typical teen movie. And I certainly didn’t think it was so huge at all.”



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