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Robert Pattinson’s Personality
January 22, 2009, 1:39 am
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“No one seems to get into a relationship with me,” admits Robert, whose character, vampire Edward Cullen, is often described as the ideal man. “I’m a loner.”

“he’s really quiet,” Rob’s Twilight castmate Sarah Clarke, who plays Renee Dwyer, confirmed to Life & Style

Ashley Greene (who plays Edward’s sister, Alice), claims it just takes a while for Rob to warm up to others. “Once you get to know him, he’s really outgoing and fun,” Ashley tells Life & Style. “He’s a sweet guy, but he’s different.”



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OMG Robert Pattinson is the greatest guy in the universe! I love him more than my own life! *faints* If i could meet him, that would be the greates day of my life!

Comment by Kendra Whitaker

The chances of you ever meeting him is extremely slim…..
The chance of you being his girlfriend is even more so…
so don’t get your hopes up and everyone eventually gets over the person they are obsessed with with time given…
sorry to break your balls!
but it most likely wont happen….
– Alana

Comment by Alana Wilcocks

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