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Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson and Grownup Stardom “Push” Camilla Belle
January 28, 2009, 5:42 am
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The Feb. 6 release “Push” sci-fi thriller has sparked predictions that ingénue of the hour Camilla Belle is about to break into full-fledged grownup movie stardom. As for her reaction to that, the ever-more-gorgeous 22-year-old actress tells us such comments are “very sweet” — and she feels ready for whatever is coming her way.

Grownup Stardom “Push” Camilla Belle (Image: Wenn)

“I think I’m able to handle things pretty well,” says Camilla, who is already a prime paparazzi target — what with her relationships with Joe Jonas and “Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson — as well as being the subject of fan websites and adoration videos on YouTube.

“I went to a regular school,” notes the young star, who spends much time in her mother’s native Brazil. She describes herself as “pretty sensible. … I’m comfortable with myself. I have a great family and friends I can check in with, and that keeps me grounded.”

“Push,” directed by Paul McGuigan, has Camilla starring along with Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans as people gifted — cursed — with psychic powers a clandestine government agency wants to control. Her character is famously the only such person who has escaped the agency and the clutches of Djimon Hounsou’s scary character.

“It was quite challenging — the physical aspect,” she says of the film, set in Hong Kong. “It was down and dirty every day.” She had fight scenes, shooting scenes, running scenes, plus playing a character who is sick through much of the film. “She has a huge arc. At the same time Paul and I did our best to make the audience guess for as long as possible whether she’s good or bad. That really required being in the moment in every scene.”

Having seen McGuigan’s “Gangster No. 1,” she says, “I thought he’d make this film quite interesting, with his great visual style. He gives things a really cool edge.”



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