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Twilight: a biased attempt at a film review (abridged version)
January 29, 2009, 10:07 pm
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Heres another review for your amusement (:

Three things to sum it up plus “mini” elaborations in between:

1. Awkward pacing – A linear story that was made complex with its jumbled scenes and choppy lines. Most of the scenes felt so out of place that it seemed like they were just plucked out from the book and was just forced to be put together. The film was so forcibly compressed into 2 hours (which felt like it ran for more than 2 hrs) that there were so many scenes bluntly chopped off from the whole storyline. The seques from one scene to the other was so off that some of them didn’t even make sense. Even the dialogues appeared inept. Parang lahat minadali, that not even the characters had time to build up on their own temperament. I was so anticipating to see a lot of scenes be brought to life (i.e. Meeting the Cullens, The La Push Reservation outing, the meadow scene, hotel scene of Bella, Alice and Jasper), but I guess they all decided to devote more screentime on the googley eyes of Bella and Edward. Not too mention the way the flashbacks were incorporated, they all seemed so out of place.

2. Blair Witch Project meets Can’t Hardly Wait sidelined by Not Another Teen Movie – it was a low budget film made to actually look like one. The make up looked so strange and fake that they all looked pasty. The opportunity to put in some really good special effects for some of the scenes all went to waste. The vampires were described to be beautiful and flawless both in their physical looks and movements, but they all looked like puppets being moved by strings. Well in effect they were since they were mostly using harnesses. And oh my god, couldn’t they have skipped out on the “pabida” effect, wherein the protagonist goes into a room, pauses in front of some wind-blowing contraption and takes look around. Everything was just odd.

3. Characters vs the actors – Kristen as Bella sounded like she was bored out of her wits…all the time. RPattz as Edward, though a hot vampire, looked like he was constipated most of the time. Peter as Carlisle looked like he was dead instead of the undead. Because the pacing was just too rushed, there wasn’t even enough time to develop on at least the Cullens, Bella and Edward and Bella and Charlie. Even the way they were portrayed in the film was just contrary as to how Meyer described each of their character in the book. Hell, with the popularity of the book series, they had all the time to develop on each character, so why not start from the beginning right? What a waste also not to at least establish the menacing character of James and the quirky but talented Alice.

Maybe it’s because I read the book before I saw the film that I inevitable nitpicked through the whole movie, finding faults in it. But I felt disheartened and shortchanged by the film. There were so many ideas and storylines in the book that the film could have focused on. Maybe the screenwriter was trying to apply a more modern perspective on the story by incorporating contemporary puns and funny quips, but instead of giving it a comical feel came out corny and forced.

Despite the fact that Twilight the Movie didn’t sit well with me, I did find some “redeeming factors” in the film. There was at least a show of special effects in the baseball scene, which I am totally raving about J I love how the scoring of Supermassive Black Hole complemented every bit in that scene. The prom scene was so pretty! Billy Burke as Charlie Swan was spot. And next to Edward, Jasper is the hottest vampire out there. And I really think that this movie has a kick ass OST.

New Moon is set for filming, if I’m not mistaken and I really really hope that this would fare out much, much better. IMHO, the bulk of the book series is grounded on the storyline of New Moon, so maybe they can opt to at least spend for it. Sayang if the budget constraints will be the only thing pulling them back from making this into a good film. Harry Potter started out with unfamiliar British actors, but it worked, so why not this series?

I do plan to watch Twilight the second time around, just to ogle at the eyecandy. And maybe I could feel some sense of appreciation for the film after watching it again J


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