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What is the big deal about ‘Twilight?‘
January 31, 2009, 5:23 am
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My wife is reading about a vampire.

His name is Edward. He’s from the Northwest. He’s rich. He’s young. He’s supposedly good looking.

Yes. My wife is into “Twilight.”

You’ve probably heard of “Twilight.” If not, then let me catch you up to speed.

“Twilight” is the story of a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. Teenagers have gone goo-goo over the four books written about Edward (the vampire) and Bella (the teenage girl).

So has my 30-something wife – the same lady who has a master’s degree in counseling and who graduated as the top female student from Pike County High School. She finds the story intriguing.

Her interest started after we went to the theater to watch the movie. (I thought it was OK for a teenage romance thriller, but I also think “The Jerk” with Steve Martin is in a league with “Casablanca” and “Citizen Kane.”)
Anyway, Stephanie has dissected each of the four books (entitled “Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”) multiple times. She has the “Twilight” soundtrack. She’s already purchased the yet-to-be-released DVD for her birthday gift. (Her birthday is seven weeks away.)

I don’t get it. Yes, my wife is a bookworm. She’s read the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy several times. I think she’s been nominated president of the Jane Austen Fan Club.

But a story about a teenage vampire who drives an Aston Martin and has weird hair? I don’t get it.

Yet Stephanie isn’t alone. She’s recruited a local friend (who will remain nameless to protect the family) to become a “Twilight” fanatic. This sharp young lady, who is a wife and mother, attended one of the nation’s top private colleges.

They’re among millions of Twilight fanatics. Type “Twilight” in Google, and you’ll get 70 million results.

Stephanie says the sales associate at Barnes and Noble reports strong sales among teenage boys. (Apparently they want to know what the opposite sex is reading.)

This is all scarier than that family wearing Snuggies at the ball game.

Anyway, I’m confused. Why is there all the love for “Twilight” when we can all find something good on the tube, like Ted Nugent’s hunting show or “Dancing With the Stars?”

Anyway, I posed this question to my 89 friends on Facebook – “What is the big deal with Twilight?”

The responses came quickly.

“It’s typical teenage fluff… but anything to get kids to read is awesome in my book!” one 20-something friend wrote.

“It’s ‘vampirey’ too. Vampires tend to be very sexy in movies. Go figure,” a 40-something pal stated.

“Yeah, for real, all those college females ever talk about anymore is how sexy/smart/awesome Edward Cullen-the vampire in Twilight-is. All of us ‘human’ guys just don’t compare, so they say,” wrote one Facebook friend who is a college freshman.

I don’t understand the craze. But I’m cool with Stephanie. I’m still the only dude for her. Yeah, I don’t have Edward’s hair or money. But I can cook and clean. I do tell her “I love you” multiple times each day.

And I do engage her in some pretty interesting philosophical debates on a regular basis.

Besides, if she wants her “Twilight” birthday gifts, she has to stay on my good side.



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I have two theories on that. One is more plausible than the other. First and least plausible is that there is heroin impregnated in the pages. The more plausible theory is that it’s over 1000 pages of foreplay. Have you ever met a woman who didn’t like foreplay?

There’s nothing left for you but to buy the t-shirt:
(front) Team Jacob
(back) Because Edward stole my wife’s heart

Comment by Christa

Haah! Heroin and foreplay. Couldn’t have said it better. No worries, tell the wife you love her, just like Edward loves Bella — “forever”. :]

Comment by Erika

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