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Charlie’s Angels
February 5, 2009, 12:20 am
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TwilightHeaded.blogspot.com has some kind words for Charlie/Billy Burke.

I wish to declare today as Chief Swan Day. Why? Well, I challenge anyone to deny that Billy Burke stole every scene he was in (yes, even the two that He Who Makes Me Swoon was in). So, here’s to you Chief Swan! Go have yourself an ice cold brew and some fish fry because you did what is virtually impossible otherwise: you made me notice that someone else was in the room with Edward Cullen: YOU!

I totally agree, Spank. I was annoyed at how much Charlie was on Edward and Bella’s case in the book, like why is he trying to stand in the way of TRUE LOVE and why in the name of everything that is holy would he try to get Bella to ditch Edward and spend more time with Jacob?! But when I saw Billy Burke on screen, I loved him. LOVED him. I loved how awkward he was with Bella, how protective he was of her and especially loved the gun-cleaning part where he snapped his rifle together before agreeing to meet Edward. And yes, my heart broke for him when Bella said those mean things to him before leaving to get away from James. That whole…”But I just got you back.” Gah. Kills me every time. Mainly I just want Charlie to be my Dad. Charlie? Can you be my Dad? Is it even legal to adopt a 30 year old married woman with young children? I don’t know, but I’m gonna make some phone calls tomorrow and find out. I’ll even bring you your beer and will pretend it’s not weird that you have beer in almost every scene of the movie or that you nickname it “Vitamin R”. Will you love me enough to give me a can of mace too?

I appreciated both Charlies, Book Charlie and Movie Charlie. Book Charlie was able to win us over slowly with his understanding and quiet compassion. Movie Charlie had me at “played by Billy Burke.” In fact, my only gripe with Movie Charlie is this: how could you subject Bella to Buttcrack Santa? If only you’d had Bella cook for you at home, like Book Charlie, we never would have had to endure his “kids love the tiny bottles” line.

When I read Twilight (the first time) I wasn’t feeling all the love for Charlie. I mean, he kinda seemed like a slave driver to me. But then, hello, Billy Burke rocked it. Big time! That was one of the things that impressed me most about Twilight (not counting every single scene that Edward is in.) But I was a little annoyed at the first conversation outside when the Blacks came to deliver the truck to Bella. Could they use the word “here” once more?? Yikes…. “ole billy here, ole charlie here…..” Hopefully they’ll be able to weave him in as much if not more in New Moon. He added so much, so much, so much, what’s the right word… oh BEER!


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