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Twilight Casting: Who’s In? Who’s Out?
February 7, 2009, 11:35 pm
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The Twilight train doesn’t seem to be making any stops on its way to total world domination. The 2-disc, special-edition DVD of the first film is slated for release on March 21, but all eyes seem to be on New Moon. Who are the actresses involved in the latest round of casting rumors?

Vanessa Hudgens
As implausible as it may be, gossip sites were throwing around Vanessa Hudgens as a contender for the role of “Leah Clearwater,” the only female shape-shifter in existence. We’re seriously hoping this is just a rumor—unless Vanessa is going to break out some of those dazzle-rific glow-in-the-dark shoelaces she sported in the video for “Sneakernight.” That would be the only thing that would be able to distract us from how awful an actress she is.

Dakota Fanning
Rumor has it that Dakota Fanning didn’t have to audition for the role of “Jane,” a bitter and menacing vampire in the Volturi guard who causes heap-loads of trouble in New Moon, because director Chris Weitz thought she was so perfect to play the part. The studio has yet to confirm the casting, but Fanning has gone on record to say, “I really hope it works out. It would be a really fantastic experience, I’m sure.” Odds are, this rumor is going to end up being true—and we couldn’t be more stoked!

AnnaLynne McCord
According to Mark Malkin at EOnline.com, AnnaLynne McCord is the latest lucky lady to be name-dropped as having a possible role in New Moon. She would play some hot chick named “Heidi,” who’s one of the vampires that offers up human sacrifices to the Volturi guard.

Sources tell me McCord has auditioned for the role. “It’s not a big part,” one of the sources said. “Heidi would be more like a cameo.”

Since when did being a craptastic actress on a remake TV show qualify you for cameo status? Just sayin.


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annalynne mccord isnt gonna be in it becuase apparently she’s ‘busy’. what kind of a person is too busy to be in a motion picture that gained 190 million in the box office??

Comment by theolympiccoven

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