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Peter Facinelli Picks Family Over Movie Premieres
February 8, 2009, 11:37 pm
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I have always thought of Peter Facinelli as a family man, so when they picked him to play Dr. Cullen the head of the Cullen family in the movie Twilight, I thought it was a perfect choice. He pulled the role off amazingly. In real life he says that he would pick his family over any movie premiere he would have to do any day.

“I am not a big, ‘Look at me’ person, so I don’t go to a lot of premieres. I am more of a family guy who stays at home with my kids. I’m more known as being the soccer dad.”

“I like being a big part of my daughters’ lives. As long as you’re involved in their life, it’s the quality overall. When we’re at home, it’s about family.”

Peter is married to Jennie Garth, and they have three daughters, Luca Bella (11), Lola Ray (6) and Fiona Eve (2). And he grew up in a household of girls, so having all girls doesn’t even faze him.

“I have three little girls and one big girl. I have been surrounded by women my whole life. Yeah, there is a lot of estrogen in the house, but I enjoy it.”

Is there more little baby’s on their way to the Facinelli household?

“Jennie tends to get her way, but it is a debate that’s going on right now. Honestly, my wife wants a boy, [but] to me, it doesn’t matter. At first, I wanted a boy, but now I have three beautiful daughters, who are important to me.”

He says being a father to all the girls is tough, especially in the world today…

“It’s two fold. When you’re a father, it’s extremely painful because every time they go out of the house, you worry about them. I can’t imagine having to worry about one more person because I am already worried enough… but that being said, never say never.”

Peter also says he’s getting excited about filming New Moon, believe me we are too!


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