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Why Twilight’s Jacob Black Is Better Than Edward Cullen For Bella Swan
February 10, 2009, 11:51 pm
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Even though Edward Cullen captured Bella Swan’s heart in Twilight, here are the reasons I think that Jacob Black is a better match for her.

1. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Unlike Edward Cullen, his complexion isn’t the same color as “Plaster of Paris.”

Even though Edward Cullen’s skin glitters like diamonds in the sunlight, his aversion to the sun would likely put a rift in any relationship.

Did I mention that Jacob Black has perfect teeth?

2. Jacob has Bella’s best interest at heart. Bella and Jacob have known each other since they were small children, so he cares more about her than Edward does.

3. Edward’s family is still a bunch of vampires. If you think it’s hard to be a human vegetarian, imagine how difficult it is to be a vegetarian vampire. The very scent of blood could be enough to turn Bella into a dinner feast – in fact, Edward had a difficult time pulling away when he had to remove James’ venom in Twilight, so she should be concerned about being turned into eats.

4. Edward is always trying to pull away. Let’s face it. Relationships can be a real pain in the butt, especially if the object of your affection
is always trying to push you away. Bella deserves more than just a broken heart.

5. Werewolves are cooler. They have better eyesight, hearing and can run freely all day long. Since vampires never sleep being in a relationship with them gets tiresome. A girl needs her ‘beauty rest’ after all.

I, for one, look forward to seeing Jacob Black as a leading man in New Moon. The sequel begins production next month and stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black and Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen. New Moon has a US theatrical release date of November 20, 2009.

Twilight is still running in American theaters and has a DVD release date of March 21, 2009. The Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)is available for Pre-order now!


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I DISAGREE! Edward has waited for her for too long. Bella has too. Yes, Jacob and Bella met when they were young but THEY WERE YOUNG. And besides, Bella stopped going to Forks so WHAT EVER. Yes, I love Jacob, but Edward is ment to be with Bella… Jacob on the other hand, can give me a call ;P Haha. Look, you obviously haven’t read all four books if your saying those things. READ THEM. You’ll understand. (: I’m TEAM JACOB, BELLA AND EDWARD!. Haha. (:

Comment by Jessica

I disagree with Jacob has better interest for her. Edward left her completely just so she could have a bit of normalcy… Jacob was always such a huge jerk to her… I like Edward better.

Comment by Alanna Brady

This is stupid cause if you read the books instead of watching the STUPID movie you would know first of all they never met when they were younger! they met at the campfire and her friends introduced them. Secondly you don’t know anything about Jacob until you read all the books and it all works out in the end so don’t judge them till you read the books.

Comment by Kenzie

I totally and completely disagree with this list. The only reason that Edward leaves Bella is because it is what he thinks is best for Bella, and he pushes her away because he thinks that he is inconveniencing her and holding her back from things that she could do without him. He doesn’t realize the depth of her love for him, and doesn’t realize that she doesn’t care about that stuff, she just wants him. I agree with Kenzie, you should read the books before you write a list about something you have no clue about. And if you base your relationships on looks your pretty shallow, and your not gonna be very happy. I would be ecstatic if I get a guy that’s even half of what Edward Cullen is. Either way, Edward is so much sweeter than Jacob.

Comment by Alyssa

ummm…people actually care and have discussions about that? …wow

Comment by diekrupps

Actually they do meet when they’re younger, I love Jacob and I’m not to into Edward (no offense to Edward fans.) I don’t even actually like Bella, she’s too.. well all she wants Edward and she wants him in ways younger readers don’t want to hear about just yet. Seriously, she’s the WORST fictional charecter I’ve ever read ( no offense to Bella fans.)Team jacob all the way.. Jacob Black//Taylor Lautner

Comment by Aliyah

tats nonsens….jus coz he knew her frm childhood doesn mean he cares more abt her..if it wasn fr edward bella wud not hav been aliv now….HE S THE BEST she can get ever……

Comment by keerti

I think if you read all four books you’ll understand that Edward is the better option. All I will say is imprinting.

Aand I agree about Bella, if it wasn’t for the other characters being so good I wouldn’t be interested.

Comment by Amy

Okay, Kenzie.. really? Your comment is completely ridiculous. If you read the books throughly instead of reading them cuz rob pattinson is sexy, you’d know that they WERE friends when they were young. Thats how Bella knows about his sisters too, in the later books. Billy and Charlie always put them together during their fishing trips.
You sounded REAL stupid right there.
Cant lie about it.

Comment by Ashlee

As it has been stated above, you are a completely naive and uneducated twihard. number one you shouldn’t be running a twilight site if you haven’t read the books it is insulting to others to see your stupid opinions based on a condensed screenplay of a full-length novel. you would understand why your list is null and void if you read the second book let alone he third and fourth which show complete proof as to why Edward you never harm Bella. before you write again and make yet a bigger fool of yourself i recommend researching on the topic you are debating.

Comment by Ashley

jacob is all i can think about yay! jacob is way better then dumb edward real men dont sparkle and basides jacob is a personal space heater so he knows how to keep me warm

Comment by tarin

I sort of agree with you here but if you think about how many women has Edward meet??? And Bella is the only one to really make he “weak at the knees” shall we say! So yes i disagree because Edward was made for Bella but i do think Jacob and Bella are cute together and i would like to know what could have happened if Edward never came back but then again Jacob falls in love with Renesme which is so cute so it all works out for the best so yes Jacob and Bella are cute together but he was made for Renesme and Edward was made for Bella. Read all the books you will understand!!!:D

Comment by Laura Swann

you all need a life. (:

Comment by Katee

i agree and disagree. in the books jacob and edward both seem to really need bella, but the ‘imprinting’ thing.. i agree.

but this is a bit sad as the books have been writen but hey.

and team taylor =)

Comment by ?

Jacob is stupid!!!!!! I mean it was horrible when he just kisses her and laughed when she broke her hand. Then he took advantage of her later and made her ask him to kiss her. Boo Jacob!!!

Comment by twilight

well, i really dislike bella,(offensive) and some of you guys are totally confused, like brian damage! and it is a freakin book! get over your selves! the book can’t be changed! every time you read it, it will be the same! i am not chosing between two fictional charicters! and if you are team edward let it be! and if you are team jacob let it be! we cannot change what has already been written! to tell you the truth i will agree with all sides to a certian degree, but i will not choose! thank you and goodnight and get a life out of twilight!

Comment by team nobody

ok, heres the deal. none of you guys are right!!all the tings that you are saying have nothing to do with eachother when they come from the same REDICULOUS book!!plus all you guys that acctually spend time reading the books over and over again SERIOUSLY need a life!they arent even that good!the caracters that you all spend time fighting with eachother about whos better,when they are fictional people no one really cares about they just think they do, no one wins so get the F*** over it!!!

Comment by X twilight!

Jacob’s better, plain and simple.
If Edward’s willing to just leave
Bella in the second book, he
could just as easily done it again
though he didn’t. Jacob would never
leave Bella. They’re best friends,
soul mates, meant for eachother.

Comment by Katie

edward is way better and even more cute i would love to have a vampire boyfriend

Comment by bella#2

team edward is family is so cool
even the boys

Comment by bella#2

People give me a freakin break! You guys act like Twilight is the best book in the whole wide world!(which it isn’t) There are way better books than Twilight!If, you don’t belive me, then ask other people! But, it’s pretty sad to see you guys fighting over two fictional characters that are not even real! Ok, maybe the actors who plays them are real, but the characters are not! I’m not trying to be mean here, but I’m trying to get my point out to you guys. Oh, by the way there’s a new book out that is way better than Twilight! It’s called Midnight! The book is about a Human girl named Kristina(she’s really not human but she doesn’t know that yet)and a beautiful, smokin, hot, sexy boy named Dash! The book is going to be made into a major picture soon, so you guys need to hurry up and read it!

Comment by Smart girl

guys can u just leave poor jacob black and edward alone…….. let them pick who thhey want to be with!!!!!! wat if ur bella and u see all ur comments and they telll u to get married with a hobo [ no afence bella ] willl u do it?????? if u said no hurray ur smart!!!!!! but if u said yes u are very stupid !!!!!!

Comment by Emeley

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