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Robert Pattinson is following us…
February 13, 2009, 12:04 am
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…on Twitter, that is. OMG! Okay, maybe it’s not THE Robert Pattinson, but whoever it is tweeting as FakerPattz is close enough to the real thing, if not better (he even writes back!). Recent tweets include:
“Day 127 of not washing my hair.”
“I love showing up at Twilight premiers. Now if only hot girls my age would throw me panties instead of scary Twimoms.”
It turns out Rob Pattinson is all over the Twittersphere: A quick search turned up a slew of streams, many by folks claiming to be the pastey-faced thesp, but most content to offer minute-by-minute updates of breaking Rob news. All are required reading for Twihards. Here are some of our favorites:
Rob_Pattinson turned us onto the Twilight Makeover Game, which allows young girls (and underemployed adults) to cut and style Rob’s hair, change his clothes and apply tasteful amounts of foundation, mascara, and lipstick.
RobPattzNews features links to paparazzi shots, gossip, and even EW’s excerpt from Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight diary.
By the way, are you following PopWatch on Twitter yet? Get on it. We’re friends with Rob Pattinson.



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