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Edward Cullen Takes Robert Pattinson on a Wild Ride
February 14, 2009, 1:03 am
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Here are the questions. Would it really have made a difference who played the part of Edward in Twilight and the upcoming New Moon? Are the millions of adoring teenage fans and their mothers crazed over the character or the actor? How much does Robert Pattinson really mean for the character? Not to diminish Rob Pattinson’s ability or appeal as an actor but I think the millions of crazed fans are confused and are confusing the actor with the character.

Edward Cullen Takes Robert Pattinson on a Wild Ride (Image: WENN)

The books have succeeded in portraying Edward as everyone’s ideal of a perfect partner. If your imagination is working you can picture anyone in the role of Edward. He is bad but good, kind, generous, devoted, faithful, intriguing, mysterious beautiful and forever young.


I’m sure that we could come up with thousands of descriptive words to describe Edward other than the few I have used. With that kind of bio who wouldn’t want a relationship with Edward? He never falters in his love or devotion. He is everyone’s ideal of a perfect partner.

Sorry, Robert but you were very fortunate to snag the role of Edward; it could have been another talented, attractive and intelligent actor to bring Edward to life. So take your good fortune and run with it. Characters as endearing as Edward are rare. Enjoy the ride and think about the fact that timing and luck are everything you could still be a virtual unknown.

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