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Is Robert Pattinson Miserable in Hollywood?
February 26, 2009, 9:39 pm
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Like we exclusively told you earlier this week, Rob Pattinson was partying after the Oscars—at the swankiest of dos possible—looking as if he’d been told he could never have another drink. Ever. Natalie Portman managed to ease Patty-poo’s nerves for a bit, but he still left the shindig alone.
A close friend to the Brit babe told us, “It’s because [Hollywood] just so isn’t his scene. All of this fame isn’t what Rob’s about.”
We ferreted out some vintage Pattinson pics during his Harry Potter years, and just look at the difference in his mood during the promotional tours. Rob looks actually happy and excited in the early days, whereas he now looks overwhelmed and uncomfortable—particularly anytime he touches down in L.A.

Maybe Rob would be happy if the paparrazi left him alone ?

Just saying…



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Ugh, tell me about it. I feel so damn bad for him. Anytime I see pictures of him getting followed by paparazzi or screaming fans I literally get this huge FROWN on my face, and I just get really mad. It’s like, he’s a person, you can tell he doesn’t want this, so just leave him the hell alone! Let him go out for a walk, or get a newspaper without it ending up plastered all over the internet, like it’s some really fucking huge story relevant to the world at that moment. It’s a good damn thing I’m not friends with him, because my ass would be getting thrown in jail for assaulting the paparazzi.

Comment by Tiffany

i agree !

Leave Rob alone !

Comment by emaaaaa

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