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Part Two of The Top 10 Most Anticipated Scenes in the ‘New Moon’ Movie
February 26, 2009, 2:12 am
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Laurent in the meadow: After several failed attempts to find the meadow, Bella finally locates it but is surprised to see Laurent there; who is unknowingly being pursued by the Wolf pack.
– Bella and Alice reunited: When Bella spots Carlisle’s car near her house and is ecstatic to see Alice inside; Alice saw her jump from a cliff and couldn’t help coming to check on Bella’s well-being.

– The Volturi: When Edward, Bella and Alice meet with the Volturi in Italy to negotiate their way home and Jane uses her power to cause Edward pain.

– Bella and Jacob’s age game: Jacob and Bella’s ongoing game that they play in which they add and subtract years from their actual age depending on silly things like height, experiences and accomplishments.

– Bella sees the wolves phase: After Bella and Jacob talk on the beach and discuss what he is, he takes her to the pack. Paul loses his temper, phases, and comes after Bella. Jacob phases and attacks Paul.

– The motorcycles: Bella cries in her truck when she realizes that Edward hasn’t kept up his end of the deal (“It will be as if I never existed”) and decides not to keep her end of the deal (“Don’t do anything reckless”). She finds the motorcycles and takes them to Jacob, where she offers him a motorcycle in exchange for riding lessons.

– Edward’s “first” proposal to Bella: After returning from the Cullens’ home, Edward and Bella continue to argue about her becoming a vampire. Edward asks Bella what she wants more than anything. Bella wants to have Edward be the one to change her. The condition? She marries Edward first.

– Meeting Emily: After Paul’s attempted attack, Embry and Jared take Bella to Emily’s house. We see the way the pack interacts with each other.

– Found: When Sam finds Bella laying in the woods after Edward tells her he’s leaving. Sam carries her home to Charlie and we see the note Edward forged for Bella, telling Charlie she’d be in the woods.

– Final confrontation: Jacob betrays Bella by telling Charlie about the motorcycle. He waits in the woods for Edward and Bella where Jacob reminds Edward that the treaty is over if any of the Cullens bite, not kill, a human.



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