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Robert Pattinson’s difficult Twilight
March 1, 2009, 8:03 am
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Robert Pattinson found filming Twilight a lot more difficult than filming Harry Potter.
No one expected Twilight to be such a huge movie so changes had to be made all the time.
Rob explained to Movies Online; “It’s different. When I was doing “Harry Potter,” which I did, there already had been three made. It was already a slick machine by the time I got into it. Whereas with “Twilight,” people didn’t realize really what it was, the extent of what it was, and it kept growing and growing.
“We kept having to reformulate it as it got bigger. You start off thinking you’re making an independent movie, with a small or medium size studio. We definitely weren’t making it as a blockbuster. There are no big names in it or anything and then more and more hype starts happening.”
There will be a lot more pressure for Rob and Kristen during the filming of New Moon.
The film will have a much bigger budget and Twilight fans will be expecting a lot from their favourite onscreen couple.



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