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Stephenie Meyer in this March 2009 Vogue
March 1, 2009, 8:13 am
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There is a new article about Stephenie in Vogue magazine that is extremely well written and contains lots of info about our favorite author. Oh, and it has something about MIDNIGHT SUN in there so everyone needs to check it out. Its a great article and the full one will be in this month of Vogue….

Click Here To Read It


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Stephanie Meyers is a Stephen King charactor come to life. Specificly Stephanie Meyers is Carrie times ten. Every time someone tries to demean her or critisize her, she defeats them, Mormon housefrau that she is. And then Stephanie Meyers breaks more book sales records just to let people know not to mess with her. Ofcourse, maybe it is that she is also the creature form the id. The more you fight her the more powerfull she becomes. Honestly, if I could go back in time and go to school with Staphani Meyers, I don’t know if I would. What if you (even accidently) offended her, said something you thought was funny, but she thought was insulting? I for one would not like a few tons of best sellers droped on my head or whatever else her supernatural powers could cook up. Stephanie Meyers do I have to buy your next book?… Uhuh…uh… O.K. you win. By the way Stephanie if your listening out there, an idea for a novel/movie/videogame/etc. just occured to me. It’s about an author with the strange supernatural ability to induce first teenage girls, then the rest of us, to become mind numbed robozombies, to cast aside any thought of whether the author is a skilled wordsmith and with saliva dribbling down our checks say such things like,”abba abba we must have your book”. Basicly, the mind numbed robozombies get our minds erased by an alien creature and all that we can do is praise Stephanie Meyers and call her such name as the princess of pulp, the queen of quantity, the mistress of misadventures, and ofcourse read only her books and no others. Ofcourse maybe they’re should be a love triangle or two thrown in just to spice things up… like it matters. When you go up against a supernatural woman like Stephanie Meyers, she could scratch her childrens crayon randomly on the papers and people would have no choice but to buy it. And who was Stephen King again?… I think my memory just got erased…

Comment by Anon E. Mouse

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