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Robert Pattinson: ‘I Tried to do my Own Stunts For Twilight’
March 2, 2009, 1:37 am
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Robert Pattinson says he “tried” to do some of his own stunts for Twilight.

The British actor – who plays vampire Edward Cullen in the film – admits he attempted to get in on some of the action while filming, but ended up getting hit by a car.

Robert – who reprises his role as Cullen in Twilight sequel New Moon later this year – reveals, “I tried to do some of my own stunts. Some of them were pretty extreme and also my stunt double looks exactly like me.

“The scariest one was when I run and I put my hand out to stop this car which is racing towards me. I had practiced it a bunch of times but the car is like coming at 30 miles per hour. And I was sick on the day of shooting. I had taken antibiotics and I was really dozy and the car went off its tracks.

“So there I am, holding Kristen Stewart’s stunt double and my timing was off because I wasn’t feeling too good and the car like hit me in the face. Then I dropped her and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“I didn’t have any injuries,” Pattinson adds, “but Kristen’s double could barely walk for a like a month. I felt so bad!!”



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