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Robert Pattinson’s a Smart Boozer
March 6, 2009, 12:34 am
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Those Brits love to drink. And although Rob Pattinson might do it more than others, at least he’s more in control than previous young famous misfits, a la Lindsay and Paris. Our friends over at Celebuzz got a surprising Pattinson sighting out last night. No, he wasn’t sober, but he was technically in Hollywood.

R.P. was posted up at the Bar in the outskirts of H’wood last night, in “very good spirits” as he downed some bubbly with friends, Celebuzz reported. “He was sharing champagne with his group, passing it freely to others in the bar,” a fellow drinker dished, adding that Rob looked quite sexy with his lips around that bottle.

So who did Pattz go home with at the end of the night?

After “encouragement” from bar patrons, say fairly sober witnesses, R.P. “resisted driving home” and got a ride to his friend’s house.

Hmmm, wonder who exactly that might be? Hopefully he didn’t continue the party too long, ’cause Robbie is supposed to begin production on New Moon today in Vancouver, B.C. Take good care of him up in Canada, Twilight loonies!



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