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Twilight DVD deleted scenes of Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart should’ve been in theater, fans say
March 18, 2009, 7:41 am
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart took the theatrical world by storm in 2008 with Twilight. Viewers clapped and cheered as they first locked lips in the movie (though the scene of their first kiss, Twilight book fans know, was quite different in Stephenie Meyer’s version; for more on this, see here). Yet, the kiss could have been a lot sooner – at least in dreams.
In one of the deleted scenes of the DVD, leaked onto the internet last week, Bella Swan’s first dream about Edward Cullen was a little juicier than that of the theatrical version. Though some say it was a little too racy for the big screen, many others disagree and say it should have very well been a part of the movie they saw in November, 2008.

The same is true for another scene, one where Edward tells Bella to stay out of the forest because within lurks things (a.k.a., less human-friendly vamps) more dangerous than himself. This scene also included a few other lines that were originally in the book (in some form, at least), such as when Edward tells Bella that her “number was up” the first time she met him. Fans say that this scene rings in the point that he struggles with his thirst for her so immensely.

Proponents of the status quo say that this scene was rightfully left out and that it was a little too racy (since Bella also puts her fingertip (her “fragile little human” fingertip, that is) into Edward’s mouth to test his reserve and self-control even further than it already is) for the young adult and teen audience Twilight was inevitably to (and did) attract.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has justified leaving out some of these deleted and extended scenes for similar reasons, saying that these scenes (such as one between Bella and her father Charlie, at the diner, discussing her mother Renee’s terrible cooking and Charlie’s dislike for anti-Cullen family rhetoric and intrigue around Forks – lines also resembling those found in the text of the book) would have slowed the “pace” of the film.

Many fans disagree on both fronts. Fans of the book series, especially, say that these deleted scenes should have unquestionably made the cut and that they contain crucial portions of the book and the story that they missed in the film version of Twilight. To concerns about its racy nature, these fans cite Stephenie Meyer, who has been known on many occasions to state that Twilight, the novel, was not initially intended for young adult audiences. To issues with the pace of the movie, they say that these pieces would’ve fit very nicely in the flow of the movie, and perhaps the problem with the film was that the romantic development between Edward and Bella was a little too rushed.

In short, many fans say that these deleted scenes, which they have been waiting on since the movie’s theatrical release, should have been in the film they saw last November on the silver screen. In addition, they say that they hope New Moon, and its new director Chris Weitz, hears their cries and gives them more of the book than did Twilight, not leaving these precious moments of scenery and dialogue to the special features section of its DVD version (for more on this, see here).



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