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Kristen Stewart is not a fan of Twitter or Facebook
March 19, 2009, 9:43 pm
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Why do you need all your thoughts to be in everyone else’s computer at all times?” asks the 18-year-old Twilight star when discussing such popular social networking sites as Facebook.

“It connects us, but I think in a superficial way. I’m not good at it. I like things I can touch. I’m not into it … People will be over it eventually. It’s fun right now; it’s a novelty.”

Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the phenomenally popular vampire saga, reveals her inner luddite while discussing next month’s Adventureland, which takes place in the pre-texting-and-sexting world of 1987.

“My character’s not on Facebook, depicting every emotion she has. She can sort of reinvent herself depending on who she’s with. People do that naturally; it’s not being fake. She just has different aspects she can show to different people. Nowadays everyone perceives you the same way because everyone knows everything about you. Your parents always know where you are because you have a cell-phone; they can always reach you. You can’t have a private life away from your family; everything’s very hands-on.”



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adventureland was an awesome movie. caught an advanced screening last night.


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