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Love Bella’s ‘Twilight’ style? So does Robert Pattinson!
March 23, 2009, 11:11 pm
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There’s no expensive D&G, no blinged Juicy Couture, no double-C Chanel or slinky Versace in the seductively subdued world of “Twilight.”

“Twilight” costume designer Wendy Chuck explains to EW why she didn’t put Bella (Kristen Stewart) in a single big designer creation in “Twilight.”

And she probably won’t do any recognizable designer duds in “New Moon” either.

Seems she made a conscious choice to shun A-list designers and stick to real-life affordable separates.

”My look is always character-based and not fashion-based,” she tells EW. It’s really easy to get over-stylish, and I felt that Bella in particular had to be anchored in the real world.”

That’s why you see Bella in the parking scene car wreck scene in a brown Rubbish hoodie from Nordstrom and woolen mittens from Ruth Cross. And why Bella looks sweet in a cream thermal by Curious Gypsy with thumb holes in the sleeves in the hospital scene.

And why she sports a faded blue cargo jacket from Jack BB Dakota (purchased at the last minute from a Nordstrom Rack store) when she and Edward do tree climbing. And why she dons a $20 Max and Cleo silk frock from the discount shop Ross to briefly hit the high school prom.

According to EW, that newly dubbed “Twilight” cargo jacket will be reissued in July for $84. We want one now!

What’s your favorite Bella outfit in “Twilight”? Edward (Rob Pattinson) sure seems to like all her clothes.



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