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New Moon will kill Twilight
April 7, 2009, 11:44 pm
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If you thought Twilight was great then just wait until you see New Moon.
Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene think New Moon is going to be miles better that Twilight.
Ashley told Reelzchannel: “New Moon is kind of a step up.
“In Twilight we built this foundation, it was almost like an indie film, we didn’t have that high level budget.
“Now, because of the success of Twilight we have this budget to go on and so everythings a little bit improved.”
Edi Gathegi added: “I think it’s just more active, things happening from the outset and I think there’s more forward movement in that scipt.”
We can’t wait to see Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight gang again… we just hope November comes around fast.



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Twilight had to launch the franchise. They had to really set up the universe and characters. Sequels usually get to jump right into the action without having to do all that.

I thought they did a good job on a budget and stayed true to the IP. Check out my take on the film if you want:


Comment by Fortress Guy

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Comment by Watch Movie's Online For Free

I think it turned out to be just the opposite of your premise.

The expectations of the first movie were not realized in New Moon. While we wanted to like it, there was not enough of anything there. 60 minutes of entertainment crammed into 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Here is out take with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:


Comment by Fortress Guy

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