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Would Robsten Help or Hurt New Moon?
April 17, 2009, 2:24 am
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Hypothetically speaking, of course, if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were to start dating, do you all think it would make them both look shady?
We’re told this seems to be the big concern stressing out the powers that be up in Vancouver, around the New Moon set, now that it seems pretty damn clear there’s something smoldering between the two. Perhaps, enough to even warrant a meeting between R’s and K’s peeps.
See, our babe Stewart is supposedly still in a loving relaysh with Michael Angarano. So if that duo happened to break up and she coincidentally rebounded with a sexy costar, it could make her look slutty, and the man in waiting, sneaky, apparently (we don’t think so).
That’s why it would be much easier to just start phasing out the “current” boyfriend, something rumored to be in the works:
The media setups (Rob and Nikki, Jackson and Kristen) just aren’t flying with you smart little Twi-Twits anymore, and people are most definitely taking notice.
Life & Style reports there’s still drama with Nik and Robert, but we’re told that stuff is still being pushed to the media to help slowly “out” Kristen and Rob.
Apparently Pattz and Stew are getting so fed up with being told what (and who) to do all the time that they are “refusing to play along anymore.” How deelish!
“Rob has been seen coming back from the direction of Kristen’s hotel at 1:30 a.m. and 3 a.m., respectively, on different nights,” snitches our VBC eyes.
But chill, micromanaging studio types, maybe he’s just coming back from a bar around the general area, right?
We really don’t see what the big whoop would be if they were dating. Rob and Kristen are young and absolutely gorge—they don’t need to be settled down right now. Mr. & Mrs. Smith hardly bombed at the box office; we doubt New Moon would either if it came out that the two were bumping uglies.
In fact, we’d put money down that it would help, if anything! People seem to be more obsessed with Edward and Bella rather than Rob and Kristen anyway. Fans would eat this crap up. Don’t you all agree?



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I don’t think that they are involved, much to Rob’s dismay. He was forthcoming with his feelings about Kristen in several interviews during their Twilight campaign. I admire him for that. It is not easy at that age, but he exposed his feelings. I feel that in many interviews Kristen’s body language and flirting lead him to believe that she too was attracted to him, yet she continued to say that they were “just friends.” Friends don’t flirt. At 19 and 22 they will most likely “try on” many people in their lives before finding that right or special someone. There is no denying that Rob is more than smitten with Kristen. It is lovely how he looks at her. Kristen is the one, from what I can see, that is stopping this from going any further. I think if she doesn’t allow this relationship to happen, that later in life she will regret it. This is from an older, wiser woman that is old enough to be their parent. I think that if they do go public that they will definitely be one of Hollywood’s power couples(I believe it would benefit the studio), because they just have that chemistry and so many want to see them together, happy and successful in life.

Comment by KAD

i think that if i was in the same position as Rob and if I were so and if I wasn’t so i wouldn’t say anything due to possibly ruining the reputation of the movie and yeah….
i feel sorry for them if they are or aren’t because they can’t say anything if they are or if they aren’t all this lying shit over the net on tv… ect…
Poor Bastards!! and i can’t believe how everyone believe’s exactly what the media say… i don’t believe until i see him say it in a documentary or in an interview but even still then i’m not 100% because it may be scripted?!

Comment by Alana Wilcocks

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