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June 7, 2009, 1:49 pm
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Cassandra, why don’t you answer my comments?
I wrote 3 letters :O

And this is what I wrote, please answer now:

Hi, I can’t see my last post here :C
This is a loooong letter, but please answer it!

But I know Michael is alive for sure whether this site is fake or not But why should it be fake? Really, I don’t believe everything I read, but certain things are weird and I believe Michael is alie for SURE! Thank you so much Cassandra for doing this! You’re an angel! But Michael didn’t convert to islam, I know because his spokesman said it was rubbish and I am a TRUE fan and I love him unconditionally! I am only 15, but I am highly in love with Michael!!! Cassandra, can you ask him if he remembers a loong letter from a 15 year old girl in Norway named Natalie? I gave him candy, a doggy, drawings and of course a loooong letter who Lidi gave! Please ask him! It would mean so much to me!

And can you please tell me if the ambulance photo is photoshopped? Because the reflection of a red car on the picture is very near.. but it is no car there when you look at the piocture of the man TAKING the picture! And how could he take a picture through TINTED windows?? It is so weird.. Michael is alive!! I miss him so much! Tell him I love him and he is beautiful on the outside and inside! Please! It would mean so much! But will Michael be put in jail when he gets back?:( Do the police know? The family knows right?
Sorry for the long letter! Sending much love! God bless all of you!

Comment by Natalie

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