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Is ‘Twilight’ actor going out with co-star Nikki Reed?
April 5, 2009, 11:17 pm
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Romance is apparently blossoming on set of vampire sequel ‘New Moon’, not just between characters Edward Cullen – played by Pattinson (22) – and Bella Swan – played by Kristen Stewart – but between the sexy brit and another co-star, 20-year-old Nikki Reed.
The pair are apparently inseparable on set and are often spotted chatting with their heads bent close together. Nikki obviously doesn’t have a problem with the hunk’s lack of personal hygiene! They were seen out to dinner in Vancouver, along with Kristen Stewart and her long-term boyfriend Michael Angarano, before walking back to Robert’s place with their arms wrapped round each other.
Stunning Nikki, who plays Edward Cullen’s sister Rosalie in the vampire flicks, reportedly stayed the night and was meant to be in LA the next day but never showed up.
The actress has always had a soft spot for the handsome Brit. According to ‘showbizspy.com’, she said: “He’s really talented, he’s really smart, he’s really musical, he’s an intellectual, he reads. I don’t know if anyone necessarily even knows him… that side of him.”



No One Has Been Signed To Play Heidi
March 29, 2009, 11:18 pm
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Reports of actress Annalynne McCord being signed for The Twilight Saga New Moon” are rumors. The Internet Movie Database, IMDB, removed the word “rumored” from beside her name on their website. My query into the rumor produced this statement “Summit has not signed any one to play Heidi.”
Separating rumor from fact is difficult with so many fansites reporting unverified information. However that is the way Hollywood goes. Sometimes representatives of certain actors, directors etc even release such rumors themselves just to get their client attention from any media outlets.
I always verify before reporting and if that can’t be done, it is reported as a rumor. Sometimes rumors are very interesting and have a place in a story, as long as they are reported as such.
What isn’t rumor is the fabulous news that this last weekend’s DVD release of Twilight was over 3 million DVDs sold. That is amazing. My daughter went to her local Wal-mart for the party and arrived a while before midnight. The line started in the electronics department in the back of the store, went all the way around the inside the store walls, out the front door and all the way through the parking lot across to the “Claim Jumpers” restaurant. This is a huge number of kids and their friends / families. Fun was had by all and lots of chit chat about the upcoming movies.
Summit’s representative assured me that they were happy with the turn out (obviously with the sales) and that the fans will continue to be the focus of upcoming events. This is great news as it allows fans to be part of this phenomenal movie saga.


Kristen Stewart Shares Thought on ‘Eclipse’ Director Rumors
March 18, 2009, 7:39 am
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As rumors about the possible director for “Eclipse” have been running wild these past few weeks, Kristen Stewart took time to expose what is in her mind on the possibility of Juan Antonio Bayona or Drew Barrymore directing the third “Twilight” saga. Sharing her opinion with Sci Fi Wire, she stated that she believes either Bayona or Barrymore will be a good choice.

“I don’t know. I mean, as long as they get someone who’s invested, as long as they get someone who cares,” the 18-year-old starlet explained. “It’s so above me, but I think that both of them are [good choices] in their own way. I’m sure that they’d be great. Drew’s been doing this her whole life, and she’s pretty cool.”

She further noted that it’s too early to say anything since neither has been signed for the project so far. “I could probably get behind both of those choices for various reasons, but neither’s [a lock]. Nobody’s been hired, so I don’t know yet,” so she claimed.

Aside from giving out her comment on “Eclipse” director rumor, the Tracy Tatro of “Into the Wild” also discussed a bit of the shooting location for “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon”. “It looks great. It looks the same,” she gushed about Vancouver comparing it to Portland. “We’re having to put green walls [in] places that don’t match, but we’ll put [in] what is right there after. It’s good. The feel, the atmosphere, the environment of the movie is such a character, so we can’t drop it. We will maintain that. It looks the same. It feels the same.”

To follow up the story of upcoming “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon”, “Eclipse” follows Bella as she once again finds herself surrounded by danger. Amidst all the danger, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob, with the knowledge that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. This vampire drama film is expected to hit U.S. theaters on June 30, 2010.


Hilton ‘desperate for ‘New Moon’ role’
March 12, 2009, 12:56 am
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Paris Hilton is reportedly “desperate” to appear in New Moon, the second instalment in the Twilight saga.

According to Star, the heiress has been calling the film’s leading man Robert Pattinson “constantly” in an attempt to land a role in the vampire sequel.

“She has also had her manager call the casting agent to lobby for a part on her behalf,” PA quotes a source as telling the magazine.

Hilton, who recently admitted that she was fan of the franchise, is allegedly “desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress”.

The insider added: “She thinks she’d be perfect to play one of the vampires. She’s even willing to play a victim – she just wants in.”

Production on New Moon, which is being directed by Chris Weitz, has just begun in Vancouver, which a scheduled release date of November.


Who Should Play “New Moon’s” Alec?
March 12, 2009, 12:09 am
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Nominees are listed here

Kellan Lutz Adds Mystery To Search For ‘Eclipse’ Director. Is Male Director On Tap For Third ‘Twilight’ Film?
March 11, 2009, 11:52 pm
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Over the last few months, a lot of cyber-ink has been spilled writing about the revolving door of “Twilight” series directors. And a lot has also been written about the belief by some Twilighters that women filmmakers are better equipped to depict Stephenie Meyer’s tender love story between a vampire and a human. All this made it even more interesting when I interviewed Kellan Lutz recently, and he revealed that Summit did in fact have a filmmaker in their sights for “Eclipse” that wasn’t Drew Barrymore.

And to paraphrase Austin Powers: It was a man, baby!

“I actually heard rumors that they did have a third director, and he fell out, and then they saw more people,” Lutz said of the director for “Eclipse.” “I would say [the name] if I could remember it. But I know it was a guy.”

It’s no secret that “New Moon” director Chris Weitz won’t be directing the third “Twilight” movie – or that sometime around when this mysterious male director dropped out, Summit’s search considered Drew Barrymore.

Regardless, Lutz said the argument that only females should direct “Twilight” films is nonsense. “I don’t think there’s any difference between male or female directors, as far as who can relate,” insisted Lutz, who plans to have a pajama party at his apartment for friends on March 20th – the night that the “Twilight” DVD is being released at midnight. “There’s no big difference of who can do what, or who is better with romance. I did like how Catherine [Hardwicke] did ‘Twilight,’ because it is that Romeo and Juliet type of movie.”

Clearly, the mysterious male “Eclipse” director couldn’t have been a name in the class of Spielberg, Fincher, Del Toro or the like, since Lutz couldn’t recall his name. But still, it’s interesting that Summit is willing to continue with testosterone-driven helmers behind the camera – and now Twilighters everywhere will always wonder who that mysterious dropped-out dude was.

As long as drew barrymore doesnt direct ill be happy (:


Twilight saga fans say Drew Barrymore should not direct Eclipse
March 8, 2009, 7:25 am
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s adorable as she may be, fans of the Twilight series have spoken: Drew Barrymore should not be slated to direct Eclipse, the much-anticipated summer 2010 movie.
Eclipse is the third of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, and fans were delighted to hear that it was fast-tracked for summer release (which would make it come roughly only half a year after New Moon). However, recent chatter has arisen after the rumor that Chris Weitz, slated director for November’s New Moon (starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner), will not be returning to direct Eclipse.
Recently, there’s been talk of Drew Barrymore, long-term actress and American sweetheart, taking the reigns of the directing. Twilight fans have spoken, and they say loud and clearly “no.”
Barrymore, who is in post-production from directing Whip-It!, in her major film debut as a director, has little experience, they say. Already profoundly upset about the controversy surrounding the departure of Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight (though some fans are glad to see a change in this regard), Twilight fans not only want stability, but they want accuracy and devotion to our beloved Eclipse book.
There is plenty to do in filming Eclipse, just based on the book itself, we say. I agree, fans. While I love Drew as an actress, I am weary of putting her in the director’s seat for the book-to-movie translation (which we hope is spot on) of this powerful and exciting part of the series.
Other rumors have circulated that Chris Weitz’s brother has been suggested for the role. Chris, who has directed The Golden Compass and About a Boy, is already on shaky grounds with Twilight fans who are suspicious of his ability to bring the story to life for us. So who is this brother of his? You ask, I answer. Paul Weitz, director of American Pie, Down to Earth, In Good Company, and American Dreamz, is Chris’s brother. Notice anything about the titles he’s worked on? I did. Aside from American Pie, these all were flacid commercial pictures – not high-quality, gut-wrenching saga material like Eclipse is bound to be.
With all the director-shifting going on here, we Twilight fans are getting quite confused. Which is the worser of the two: Drew Barrymore or Paul Weitz? Is there someone else who you think should be behind the camera for Eclipse?