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Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer reflects on the writing and filming process
April 21, 2009, 10:58 pm
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“I WAS observing this perfect circle of a meadow with a boy and a girl having a conversation. She was unremarkable, but he was glistening in the sun. He was beautiful. And he was a vampire.

“He was telling her how much he wanted to kill her and yet how much he loved her.”

So recounts Stephenie Meyer, the Mormon mother-of-three living on the edge of the Arizona desert, of her June 2003 dream that stirred her imagination to ask: what happened next?

It’s a question for which the 42 million readers of Meyer’s four-novel Twilight saga and viewers of the box-office hit Twilight film will always be grateful, because later that day the young mother wrote down the dream – and kept writing.

“The dream is pretty well chronicled in Chapter 13 (of Twilight),” Meyer says. “I can still see it. It was a very unusual dream and I’ve never had any like it before or since.

“I woke up from it thinking, ‘What would they have said next?’ I wrote it down. And it was really that process of writing it down where I was hooked. I wrote the first 10 pages, most of it with my youngest on my lap watching (TV show) Blues Clues over my shoulder.”


Twilight vampire series author Stephenie Meyer hailed as new JK Rowling
March 6, 2009, 12:44 am
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I’m sorry, but Stephenie Meyer is no where near as good as J K Rowling.

Booksellers say Meyer’s books are helping fill the void left by Harry Potter after the last instalment in the stories the boy wizard was published in 2007.
Publishers had fretted openly about how they would maintain sales after the publication of the final part of the series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Figures published by the retailer amazon.com show Meyer’s books dominating the top 10 lists for the last year in Britain, the US, Canada and France, enjoying an international success not seen since the height of “Potter-mania”.
In many of the national lists, compiled to chart international reading habits for World Book Day on Thursday her name appears two or three times in the top 10.
The American author has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide of her series Twilight – which was made into a film – New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
Kes Nielsen, head of books buying at the British arm amazon.co.uk said it was rare for a book to have such appeal in many different countries at the same time.
“Stephenie Meyer, in particular, has achieved incredible success across all the English-speaking nations and Europe and many will say that her Twilight series has filled the hole left by Harry Potter.
“Indeed, I don’t think we have seen one author have so many books in the best-sellers lists since J K Rowling in the early days of the boy wizard.”


Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart kept things simple

When they were asked in Japan how much Stephenie helped them with their characters both actors insisted that it was her books that had the biggest impact.
Taylor Lautner said: “The biggest advice from Stephenie was for me to bascially follow Jacob’s character from the book because that’s what the fans love so that’s what we wanted to stay true to.
“So I read the book several times and that’s what we wanted to stay true to for the fans.”
When Kristen was asked the same question she replied: “I have to say likewise, everything was there in the book and Stephenie didn’t actually get a chance to spend that much time on set besides just visits that were fun, to meet everybody and see how the process works…other than that we didn’t have creative discussions.
“It was very much in the book.”
Rob added: “Stephenie was very generous with allowing us to have free reign over her material. She just kind of… gave her approval at the beginning and basically let us do whatever we felt like doing I guess.”

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Stephenie Meyer in this March 2009 Vogue
March 1, 2009, 8:13 am
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There is a new article about Stephenie in Vogue magazine that is extremely well written and contains lots of info about our favorite author. Oh, and it has something about MIDNIGHT SUN in there so everyone needs to check it out. Its a great article and the full one will be in this month of Vogue….

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