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Is Bella’s Dad Being Cut Out of ‘Twilight’ Sequel? We’ve Got the Scoop!
April 17, 2009, 2:26 am
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On Tuesday afternoon, Summit Entertainment officially released the names of the new “Twilight” stars joining the franchise for this year’s “New Moon,” along with an official confirmation on the return of the Twilighter fan favorites.

But, was someone missing?

“Rejoining the movie are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme,” read the announcement posted on Summit’s website. “Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper , Edi Gathegi as Laurent and Rachelle Lafevre as Victoria.”

Um, hello? Where’s Billy Burke?

Almost immediately, Twilighters began speculating on whether Burke – who endeared himself to fans with his charismatic, comical take on Bella Swan’s police officer dad Charlie – had been cut from the sequel.

Before the rumors spread too far out of hand, however, we’ve got the scoop on some good news for Twilighters.

An inside source has confirmed to MTV that the veteran actor is indeed in the “New Moon” cast, and will be returning as Bella’s father. Despite Billy Burke’s omission from the press release, Kristen Stewart’s family will look exactly the same when they hit theaters everywhere on November 20th.

And in case you missed it, here’s Summit’s official synopsis of the “New Moon” plot: “In ‘New Moon,’ Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is devastated by the abrupt departure of her vampire love Edward (Robert Pattinson). But her spirit is rekindled by her growing friendship with the irresistible Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Suddenly, she finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves, ancestral enemies of the vampires, and she finds her loyalties tested.”


Love Bella’s ‘Twilight’ style? So does Robert Pattinson!
March 23, 2009, 11:11 pm
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There’s no expensive D&G, no blinged Juicy Couture, no double-C Chanel or slinky Versace in the seductively subdued world of “Twilight.”

“Twilight” costume designer Wendy Chuck explains to EW why she didn’t put Bella (Kristen Stewart) in a single big designer creation in “Twilight.”

And she probably won’t do any recognizable designer duds in “New Moon” either.

Seems she made a conscious choice to shun A-list designers and stick to real-life affordable separates.

”My look is always character-based and not fashion-based,” she tells EW. It’s really easy to get over-stylish, and I felt that Bella in particular had to be anchored in the real world.”

That’s why you see Bella in the parking scene car wreck scene in a brown Rubbish hoodie from Nordstrom and woolen mittens from Ruth Cross. And why Bella looks sweet in a cream thermal by Curious Gypsy with thumb holes in the sleeves in the hospital scene.

And why she sports a faded blue cargo jacket from Jack BB Dakota (purchased at the last minute from a Nordstrom Rack store) when she and Edward do tree climbing. And why she dons a $20 Max and Cleo silk frock from the discount shop Ross to briefly hit the high school prom.

According to EW, that newly dubbed “Twilight” cargo jacket will be reissued in July for $84. We want one now!

What’s your favorite Bella outfit in “Twilight”? Edward (Rob Pattinson) sure seems to like all her clothes.


“Isabel Swan”
March 6, 2009, 12:30 am
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Lol.. an article has got Bellas name wrong. It doesnt even matter what the article is about.. its just for teh lulz.

phenomena — girls sighing and clutching their copies of Stephenie Meyer’s book and wishing they were Isabel Swan so they could have a the “un-dying” love of a handsome guy (the fact he’s a vampire is almost irrelevant) – without really knowing about the heroine, here are the basics:

Isabel, known as Bella, leaves her mom’s home, ostensibly so her mom can spend more time with her step dad (self-sacrifice) and moves in with her real dad. She keeps house for him pretty well and maintains excellent grades. She even likes classic literature… but those are about all the positive attributes your daughters could glean from her.

But the article talks about stuff you should be getting into over Twilight. Read it here

Dress Up Bella
February 12, 2009, 3:46 am
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At the moment I have a thing with Twilight games.

This one is dress up Bella… even though this girl appears no resemblence to Bella!

Play it anyway


Why Twilight’s Jacob Black Is Better Than Edward Cullen For Bella Swan
February 10, 2009, 11:51 pm
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Please go and support us (:

Even though Edward Cullen captured Bella Swan’s heart in Twilight, here are the reasons I think that Jacob Black is a better match for her.

1. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Unlike Edward Cullen, his complexion isn’t the same color as “Plaster of Paris.”

Even though Edward Cullen’s skin glitters like diamonds in the sunlight, his aversion to the sun would likely put a rift in any relationship.

Did I mention that Jacob Black has perfect teeth?

2. Jacob has Bella’s best interest at heart. Bella and Jacob have known each other since they were small children, so he cares more about her than Edward does.

3. Edward’s family is still a bunch of vampires. If you think it’s hard to be a human vegetarian, imagine how difficult it is to be a vegetarian vampire. The very scent of blood could be enough to turn Bella into a dinner feast – in fact, Edward had a difficult time pulling away when he had to remove James’ venom in Twilight, so she should be concerned about being turned into eats.

4. Edward is always trying to pull away. Let’s face it. Relationships can be a real pain in the butt, especially if the object of your affection
is always trying to push you away. Bella deserves more than just a broken heart.

5. Werewolves are cooler. They have better eyesight, hearing and can run freely all day long. Since vampires never sleep being in a relationship with them gets tiresome. A girl needs her ‘beauty rest’ after all.

I, for one, look forward to seeing Jacob Black as a leading man in New Moon. The sequel begins production next month and stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black and Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen. New Moon has a US theatrical release date of November 20, 2009.

Twilight is still running in American theaters and has a DVD release date of March 21, 2009. The Twilight (Two-Disc Special Edition)is available for Pre-order now!


Ashley Was Almost Bella!
February 6, 2009, 11:38 pm
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They call her Alice Cullen NOW. But would you believe Ashley Greene almost had a different Twilight fate? She could’ve hooked up with her onscreen bro!

“I originally went in [auditioned] for Bella and they gave me the part of Alice,” she told the French Twilight fansite Impossible Fascination. “I love the character, I got really lucky. I think she’s so lovable and she’s so cool. I get to see the future.”

That’s one perk, we guess. But what about being Edward’s sister?

“Oh, you know I am ‘Team Jacob’ when they were still deciding on whether to keep Taylor or not, but Edward is my brother,” she said. “I adore them both, so I believe that I will am Switzerland.”

Nice way to dodge that one, Ashley! LOLZ!!!

What do YOU think: Would she have made a good Bella, or was Kristen Stewart born to play the part?


Fan Made: Bella’s Womb from ‘Twilight’ (aka Creepiest ‘Fan Made’ Ever)
February 5, 2009, 10:57 pm
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We’ve been writing these little Fan Made posts for awhile now, and although I’d like to think that I’ve seen just about everything you wacky fans can come up with, this little nugget of fandom came along and just about cost me my breakfast. Oh yes, one creative (and creepy) Twilight fan actually took the time to felt together Bella’s womb, complete with — wait for it — an actual felted mutant fetus inside! Who in their right mind does stuff like this? Seriously, who wakes up one day and says, “Ya know, I think I want to spend the next week or so recreating what Bella’s womb would look like with a mutant fetus inside, and then maybe share it with fans on the internet … because they’ll of course think I’m, like, completely normal and stuff.”

We love you Twilight fans — we really do. You’re passionate, loyal and determined to spend as much time as you possibly can caring, loving and rooting for these fictional characters. But I think (or should I say, hope) you agree with me when I say we’ve discovered the limit. This is when you should turn to your child and say, “Mayyybe it’s time to take on something a little more productive.” Check out both the closed womb and the open womb w/ mutant fetus in the gallery below — then tell us: Is this the creepiest piece of fan-created junk you’ve ever seen? If not, what beat this?