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10 ‘New Moon’ Scenes That Better Not Be Cut!
April 21, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Bella’s Bloody Birthday Party
Stephanie Myer really knows how to start a story off with a bang, or well, a crash… and pools of blood, and glass shards, and crushed presents… and lot’s of uncontrollable vampy blood lust. It’s a very unhappy birthday with a nice mix of gore and frosting that sets up Bella’s many problems to come. Plus, we get Edward’s back story from Carlisle’s point of view.
Edward Says Goodbye
This doesn’t need much explanation. It’s totally crushing and the pages of our books are now tear-stained. But, this moment might need a rewrite in the movie. Should Bella still be lost in the woods? Maybe she should run after Edward? Do you think it works as is?
Bella and Jacob’s Reunion
To those of you who aren’t Twi-hards, this might seem somewhat inconsequential in comparison to the larger action in the book. But this is the point where Bella and wolf-to-be Jacob see each other again after eight months. Eye contact is made, Bella remarks on how tall he is and the spark of friendship (and maybe more) is re-ignited.
Laurent Materializes in the Forest
This scene is important for so many reasons. We learn that the fiery vampire Victoria is planning to avenge the death of her mate and turn Bella into vamp food, but not before torturing her for a while. We also find out that Laurent has fallen off the veggie bandwagon and Bella is looking like a big slab of human bacon to him. We get the satisfaction of hearing the now-departed Edward in Bella’s head again and our theory that werewolves are real is finally confirmed.
Bella’s Cliff Diving Catastrophe
In the scheme of all the life-threatening things that Bella does in New Moon, this is the one that’s most over-the-top. She’s basically fish food when Jacob finds her and although she doesn’t realize it at the time, she is also vampire bait for the eager Victoria. Is Kirsten Stewart going to be able to pull this action scene off? How can she not? It sets up tension with Victoria and Jacob. Without it we wouldn’t have the next un-cutable moment in our line-up.
Jacob and Bella’s Near Kiss Experience
We apologize ‘Team Jacob’ fans. We know it must break your heart to even think about this moment. Bella and Jacob are so close to wolfing out, but in the end, Bella is a one vampire woman. Plus, it’s the major turning point in the story! It wasn’t totally Bella’s fault. How could she have known Alice would see her drown? And for that matter, how could she know that when Jacob answered the phone, it would be Edward and not Carlisle on the other end? Well, she did watch Romeo and Juliet about a thousand times. That might have given her a hint as to what was coming next.
Bella and Alice’s Race Against Time
Would the Volturi kill Edward? Would Edward kill himself? What does ‘formidable gifts’ really mean? All of these things are in question as Bella and Alice travel to Italy, steal a Porsche, charm the police and almost mow down some tourists in their race to save Edward from his doom. This is by far the most suspenseful moment in the film. And just when it can’t get any worse, Bella has to convince Edward that he isn’t dead, or rather, he’s just – undead. If this is done right, this scene of Bella running through a square filled with people dressed in capes and vampire fangs will not only have you on the edge or your seat, it might actually be…funny.
Bella Meets Jane
We welcome a good old, blood-loving Nosferatu-style vampire here at FEARnet. So we can’t help but love the Volturi because everything about them – from the ancient Caius with paper thin skin to the cape wearing guard – is so traditionally vampire-y and evil. But, the best member of the clan is unquestionably Jane. With just one look tiny Jane sparks uncontrollable fear in the hearts of vampires the world over. She smiles, she skips, she tortures. (Everyone except Bella.) But, can Dakota Fanning live up to her sadistic tendencies? We have our doubts.
The Volturi Get a Tourist-y Snack
Bella, Edward and Alice may escape the jaws of the Volturi, but some unwitting tourists aren’t so lucky. There’s no need to show the gore in this part, the sounds of their screams ought to do it.
The Cullens Decide to Turn Bella
After putting it to a vote Bella finds out that she will get both the boy and the family for eternity. And what girl doesn’t wish that someday she’ll grow up to be a vampire?
It feels so much better now that we have this off our chest. Have we done New Moon proud? We think so. Now you need to tell us, what do you think should or should not be cut out of New Moon?



Twilight Not Worth The Hype
April 5, 2009, 11:09 pm
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t seems like we see something related to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series everywhere we turn. From “Team Edward” T-shirts to movie release parties, it’s hard to escape the phenomenon that stemmed from four poorly researched books about the supernatural.

Bella Swan moves from Phoenix to Forks, Wash., and falls in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen, whom she later discovers is a vampire. Anything that could keep Edward and Bella apart ensues, putting off the inevitable: her becoming a vampire.

The characters are very obnoxious. Bella has grown up being painfully average and not outstanding at anything, so she is quite taken aback when the kids at her new school seem to want to be her friend.

Edward at first tries to keep as far from her as possible. He eventually admits that he is a vampire and spends his sleepless nights watching her.

Jacob Black, from the Quiluete tribe in La Push, becomes Bella’s best friend. He tips her off to Edward’s true identity, but also says that he doesn’t believe in tribe superstitions. When he becomes a werewolf, he is forced to believe in these legends.

Common knowledge about vampires no longer applies. Edward and his family do not drink human blood; they hunt animals and call themselves “vegetarians.”

They do not die a painful death and turn to dust in the sun; instead, it makes them sparkle. That’s right; apparently vampires sparkle.

The plot is predictable and relies heavily on coincidences the readers do not yet know.

In “Eclipse,” an army of young, untrained vampires is unleashed on Seattle. The Cullens plan to intervene to stop the slaughter, and lucky for them, Jasper just happens to have experience with the training and destruction of “newborns,” new vampires, from his living through a vampire war in the south.

There are also a lot of “duh” moments, when it seems unbelievable that one of the supposedly-intelligent characters hasn’t figured the problem out yet.

If you can get past the flaws in the two most important parts of any book, you might see it as more than literary trash. Reading tip: Pretend you’re 13 again. It won’t make it any better, but you might actually enjoy it… like I did.


Kristen Stewart is not a fan of Twitter or Facebook
March 19, 2009, 9:43 pm
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Why do you need all your thoughts to be in everyone else’s computer at all times?” asks the 18-year-old Twilight star when discussing such popular social networking sites as Facebook.

“It connects us, but I think in a superficial way. I’m not good at it. I like things I can touch. I’m not into it … People will be over it eventually. It’s fun right now; it’s a novelty.”

Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the phenomenally popular vampire saga, reveals her inner luddite while discussing next month’s Adventureland, which takes place in the pre-texting-and-sexting world of 1987.

“My character’s not on Facebook, depicting every emotion she has. She can sort of reinvent herself depending on who she’s with. People do that naturally; it’s not being fake. She just has different aspects she can show to different people. Nowadays everyone perceives you the same way because everyone knows everything about you. Your parents always know where you are because you have a cell-phone; they can always reach you. You can’t have a private life away from your family; everything’s very hands-on.”


K-Stew Is Not A Fan Of Twilight!
February 25, 2009, 12:01 pm
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Now we know where Twilight star Kristen Stewart gets her douchebaggery from!

When asked why his daughter wasn’t presenting at the Oscars along co-star R-Patz, K-Stew’s father, John Stewart (not Jon, the Daily Show host), responded she would present “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

Really now??

Don’t burn your bridges too quickly, you still have two more sequels to go, sweetie!


AnnaLynne McCord Not Doing Twilight
February 20, 2009, 10:24 pm
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New Moon, the sequel to blockbuster Twilight, hasn’t even started filming yet, but already there are shake-ups involving the cast of the film.

AnnaLynne McCord, who was slated to play the receptionist to the Volturi vampires in Rome, Heidi, tells OK! she’s no longer going to be in that role.

“I am so disappointed but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen with my schedule,” she revealed to OK! at the L.A. premiere of Fired Up on Feb. 19.

Fans of the 90210 star might still have some hope, as she adds, “But keep your fingers crossed for me. I hope that it still does!”