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10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack
March 19, 2009, 9:30 pm
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Dido: “Here with Me”

It is an eternal love song that captures the meaning of wanting to be with someone regardless of the distance. For New Moon characters Edward and Bella, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, their story takes on the meaning of “Here with Me” and proves that true love can conquer all.

Imogen Heep: “Speeding Cars”

A song that chronicles forgiveness more often than it should be given. Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, struggles with his feelings for Kristen Stewart’s Bella knowing that she can’t love him the same way but for some reason he can’t help falling.

Muse: “Time is Running Out”

Muse was featured on the Twilight soundtrack and “Time is Running Out” encompasses the feeling of despair from Bella’s perspective as she struggles to remember how to live, and not just exist with the uncertainty of Edward.

Evanescence: “Missing”

This song could be interpreted mostly from Bella’s point of view in regard to Edward. But it describes that feeling of despair that every character in the series feels, whether it is Charlie who worries over Bella’s well-being or Alice as she desperately tries to help Jasper help himself.

Esthero: “Heaven Sent”

A song about dark fate and the conundrum behind Edward’s pull to have Bella be his eternal love. Her mortality is tested as Bella and Edward challenge each other to find a solution to their problem.

Breaking Benjamin: “So Cold”

”So Cold” is the metaphor for Edward not only in his physical state as he is cold to the touch but also the void he leaves in Bella in regard to the relationship with his family. Cold and broken is Bella’s plight. Who can save her?

Flyleaf: “All Around me”

It sounds adolescent in many ways but it is reminiscent of the great love stories throughout the ages. For fans of the Twilight Saga, this song captures the emotion that Bell and Edward feel as they fight their feelings for each other to try and find some semblance of normalcy.

Boys Like Girls: “Thunder”

It may seem like a strange pick but innocence counts for a lot in the story of Edward and Bella. In New Moon Bella refers to that summer with Edward as the best of her life. So why not include a song that captures that emotion of pure, unending devotion?

Boa: “I’ll Eat You Up”

The title says it all. It is what Bella wants and Edward denies. It is a little darker, a little more demonic, but in the end those who have read the third installment in the Twilight saga know what this is leading to.

Sia: “Breathe Me”

”Breathe Me “ has taken on more controversy than anyone could have guessed with fans of Twilight who know there’s a huge push for it to be added to the New Moon soundtrack. Some Twilight lovers are adamant that it remains known for its use on the finale of “Six Feet Under”. Either way, “Breathe Me” is about that all-consuming love that wraps you up and refuses to let go. You live and breathe only for that one other person, and that is what Bella and Edward live for in each other.



Will band from Twilight soundtrack impress fans, again?
February 14, 2009, 1:31 am
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“THE BLACK GHOSTS,” The Black Ghosts (Universal Republic)

The Blacks Ghosts caught a break when they landed their song “Full Moon” on the soundtrack for November’s blockbuster “Twilight,” which has prompted Universal Republic to re-release the U.K. act’s self-titled debut that initially came out in July.

The best part for the duo: “Full Moon” is one of the least memorable cuts on “The Black Ghosts.”

Sure, some “Twilight” fans might be a bit disappointed if they take the full “Black Ghosts” plunge based on “Full Moon.” That track is an apparition of a song — folkish and, befitting “Twilight,” mystical. The remainder of the duo’s release is much more bold, which might spook “Twilight’s” tender teen fans who aren’t used to such aural aggression.

“The Black Ghosts” is powered by tension, starting with the taut electricity that drives opener “Some Way Through This.” Theo Keating and Simon Lord eventually work their release into propulsive and dark electronic rhythms treated with various amounts of friction and beats, flickers and crashes. If “The Black Ghosts” were stripped of all vocals, it would still stand as an invigorating dance album of mostly congruous tracks.

Fortunately, Lord weighs in with stylish and earnest vocals and literate lyrics, shading in a cerebral provocation to match the primal call to arms of the music. For instance, he challenges a lover on “Any Way You Choose to Give It” with “Take some responsibility for your awareness of the levels on which we lie.” And his assertion on “I Want Nothing”: “I want nothing but the love of the next stranger who walks through that door/I want nothing but to dissolve in the night and to feel direction no more.”

“The Black Ghosts” may be too demanding for the typical fan of “Twilight” or techno, but that’s all the better.


Jonas Brothers Want To Be On ‘Twilight’ Sequel Soundtrack
February 12, 2009, 3:28 am
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BEVERLY HILLS, California — If there’s one man out there who can get a group of women to shriek as loud as the Jonas Brothers can, it’s Robert Pattinson. If there’s one film that could draw in a fanbase as rabid as “Twilight,” it might be this month’s “Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience.”

Now, the JoBros are hoping to join the two red-hot franchises together.

“The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part of [the sequel], that would be great,” Nick Jonas said when we caught up with him and his brothers Monday, revealing that the trio are fans of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire franchise and would be willing to write a song for the “New Moon” soundtrack. “It would be really cool.”

“That would be really cool,” agreed Joe and Kevin.

In November, the “Twilight” soundtrack opened in the top slot of the Billboard albums chart and continued its strong sales throughout the film’s box-office run. Staying true to Meyer’s close relationship with music — and director Catherine Hardwicke’s love for mixing her images with disparate tunes — the soundtrack featured such diverse bands as Paramore, Perry Farrell, Linkin Park and Collective Soul.

Next month, Chris Weitz begins filming the sequel and will at some point start making his choices for a “New Moon” album. Whether the Grammy-nominated Jonas Brothers would write a “Twilight”-themed track remains unclear, but this much is certain: Before they can do much more “New Moon” campaigning, the chart-topping trio still need to actually sit down and watch “Twilight.”

“I haven’t seen it,” Joe admitted. “But I have heard it’s a great movie.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing it,” Nick added. “We’ve been a little busy, so it’s kinda hard to get the movies, but we’ll see it.”

“Typically, we’ll get the advance DVDs and watch them on plane rides or something,” Kevin said of the band’s attempts to keep up with Hollywood’s latest hits during their busy touring schedule. “So, hopefully, we’ll do that.”

These days, after selling millions of albums all over the world, the JoBros are charting a course that will allow them to make their mark on the big screen. This month’s 3-D concert flick will mark their movie debut, followed by the Farrelly Brothers’ “Walter the Farting Dog.” The JoBros are quite aware that a “Twilight” song could endear them to a huge movie audience and insist that, despite the claims of some haters (like Stephen King), the tale of Edward and Bella isn’t only for girls.

“For a lot of guys, they want superpowers,” Joe said of the appeal of Edward Cullen. “He’s a vampire, but he’s pretty strong and stuff.”

Edward and his Cullen family are so popular, in fact, that “Twilight” recently proved its power as a franchise by distracting screaming teens long enough for the JoBros to grab a pizza.

“I think this is really funny,” Kevin remembered of the first time the trio realized how huge “Twilight” was. “We were in town [the day of the ‘Twilight’ premiere], because we were working all day on our TV show.

“We weren’t able to make it to the premiere. We were invited, but we couldn’t make it,” Kevin continued. “That night, we were starving coming home from work. And we wanted to get pizza.”

While thousands of Twilighters screamed their heads off, unaware, the rock sensations snuck into a restaurant across the street and had a rare, peaceful meal. “The pizza place that we ordered from just happened to be across the street from the premiere,” Kevin laughed. “And so, we come up driving, and didn’t realize that it was the ‘Twilight’ premiere. It was one of those comical moments that was really funny for us.”


Twilight Soundtrack Still Going Strong
January 30, 2009, 10:27 pm
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Chart Watch at Y! Music reports that the Twilight soundtrack went from #6 to #5 this week:

This is the album’s 12th straight week in the top 10. That’s the longest run in the top 10 for a theatrical movie soundtrack since 8 Mile had 14 weeks in the top 10 in 2002.

What’s the Scoop on the Next Twilight Soundtrack?
January 29, 2009, 10:23 pm
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I am loving the Twilight soundtrack. Any scoop on the next one? And how do they find music for TV and movies, anyway?
—Jade, Perth, Western Australia
The songs for New Moon haven’t been nailed down yet—the flick is still in preproduction after all—but do I have some gossip on the movie anyway? You bet.
First, some background. When it comes to Twilight’s soundtrack, you may credit legendary music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who has also curated the music for TV shows The OC, Roswell, Chuck, Mad Men and Without a Trace. Patsavas is also on board to supervise the sound for New Moon. Now the gossip…
The new director, Chris Weitz, has been sending out signals that he may be open to a more experimental soundtrack than his predecessor. That could mean songs that sparkle even more than the movie’s vampires when they get caught in the sun.
“I think that might be the way it’s going,” says Marisa Baldi, West Coast partner for Zync, a music brokerage that funneled two songs onto the Twilight soundtrack. “I get the vibe that the guy is a little more into being surprised…everything is really open, and he wants to hear a lot of cool music.”
The process for choosing the final music list works like any movie. First, bands or their managers approach a music brokerage, such as Zync. Zync then works to place songs in films, film trailers or commercials.
In the case of a feature film, the brokerage chats with a film’s music supervisor, gets a feel for the film and then sends out compilations of suggested tracks. The Twilight song “Full Moon” by the Black Ghosts was a hit with Patsavas right away.
“It was on the very first compilation I sent her for the film,” Baldi recalls.
As for Patsavas, I interviewed her awhile ago about her search process. “We sort of put in one CD at a time,” Patsavas explained to me at the time. “Maybe we don’t play a CD all the way through, but we do give everything a try.”