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10 ‘New Moon’ Scenes That Better Not Be Cut!
April 21, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Bella’s Bloody Birthday Party
Stephanie Myer really knows how to start a story off with a bang, or well, a crash… and pools of blood, and glass shards, and crushed presents… and lot’s of uncontrollable vampy blood lust. It’s a very unhappy birthday with a nice mix of gore and frosting that sets up Bella’s many problems to come. Plus, we get Edward’s back story from Carlisle’s point of view.
Edward Says Goodbye
This doesn’t need much explanation. It’s totally crushing and the pages of our books are now tear-stained. But, this moment might need a rewrite in the movie. Should Bella still be lost in the woods? Maybe she should run after Edward? Do you think it works as is?
Bella and Jacob’s Reunion
To those of you who aren’t Twi-hards, this might seem somewhat inconsequential in comparison to the larger action in the book. But this is the point where Bella and wolf-to-be Jacob see each other again after eight months. Eye contact is made, Bella remarks on how tall he is and the spark of friendship (and maybe more) is re-ignited.
Laurent Materializes in the Forest
This scene is important for so many reasons. We learn that the fiery vampire Victoria is planning to avenge the death of her mate and turn Bella into vamp food, but not before torturing her for a while. We also find out that Laurent has fallen off the veggie bandwagon and Bella is looking like a big slab of human bacon to him. We get the satisfaction of hearing the now-departed Edward in Bella’s head again and our theory that werewolves are real is finally confirmed.
Bella’s Cliff Diving Catastrophe
In the scheme of all the life-threatening things that Bella does in New Moon, this is the one that’s most over-the-top. She’s basically fish food when Jacob finds her and although she doesn’t realize it at the time, she is also vampire bait for the eager Victoria. Is Kirsten Stewart going to be able to pull this action scene off? How can she not? It sets up tension with Victoria and Jacob. Without it we wouldn’t have the next un-cutable moment in our line-up.
Jacob and Bella’s Near Kiss Experience
We apologize ‘Team Jacob’ fans. We know it must break your heart to even think about this moment. Bella and Jacob are so close to wolfing out, but in the end, Bella is a one vampire woman. Plus, it’s the major turning point in the story! It wasn’t totally Bella’s fault. How could she have known Alice would see her drown? And for that matter, how could she know that when Jacob answered the phone, it would be Edward and not Carlisle on the other end? Well, she did watch Romeo and Juliet about a thousand times. That might have given her a hint as to what was coming next.
Bella and Alice’s Race Against Time
Would the Volturi kill Edward? Would Edward kill himself? What does ‘formidable gifts’ really mean? All of these things are in question as Bella and Alice travel to Italy, steal a Porsche, charm the police and almost mow down some tourists in their race to save Edward from his doom. This is by far the most suspenseful moment in the film. And just when it can’t get any worse, Bella has to convince Edward that he isn’t dead, or rather, he’s just – undead. If this is done right, this scene of Bella running through a square filled with people dressed in capes and vampire fangs will not only have you on the edge or your seat, it might actually be…funny.
Bella Meets Jane
We welcome a good old, blood-loving Nosferatu-style vampire here at FEARnet. So we can’t help but love the Volturi because everything about them – from the ancient Caius with paper thin skin to the cape wearing guard – is so traditionally vampire-y and evil. But, the best member of the clan is unquestionably Jane. With just one look tiny Jane sparks uncontrollable fear in the hearts of vampires the world over. She smiles, she skips, she tortures. (Everyone except Bella.) But, can Dakota Fanning live up to her sadistic tendencies? We have our doubts.
The Volturi Get a Tourist-y Snack
Bella, Edward and Alice may escape the jaws of the Volturi, but some unwitting tourists aren’t so lucky. There’s no need to show the gore in this part, the sounds of their screams ought to do it.
The Cullens Decide to Turn Bella
After putting it to a vote Bella finds out that she will get both the boy and the family for eternity. And what girl doesn’t wish that someday she’ll grow up to be a vampire?
It feels so much better now that we have this off our chest. Have we done New Moon proud? We think so. Now you need to tell us, what do you think should or should not be cut out of New Moon?


10 Songs Perfect for the New Moon Soundtrack
March 19, 2009, 9:30 pm
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Dido: “Here with Me”

It is an eternal love song that captures the meaning of wanting to be with someone regardless of the distance. For New Moon characters Edward and Bella, played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, their story takes on the meaning of “Here with Me” and proves that true love can conquer all.

Imogen Heep: “Speeding Cars”

A song that chronicles forgiveness more often than it should be given. Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner, struggles with his feelings for Kristen Stewart’s Bella knowing that she can’t love him the same way but for some reason he can’t help falling.

Muse: “Time is Running Out”

Muse was featured on the Twilight soundtrack and “Time is Running Out” encompasses the feeling of despair from Bella’s perspective as she struggles to remember how to live, and not just exist with the uncertainty of Edward.

Evanescence: “Missing”

This song could be interpreted mostly from Bella’s point of view in regard to Edward. But it describes that feeling of despair that every character in the series feels, whether it is Charlie who worries over Bella’s well-being or Alice as she desperately tries to help Jasper help himself.

Esthero: “Heaven Sent”

A song about dark fate and the conundrum behind Edward’s pull to have Bella be his eternal love. Her mortality is tested as Bella and Edward challenge each other to find a solution to their problem.

Breaking Benjamin: “So Cold”

”So Cold” is the metaphor for Edward not only in his physical state as he is cold to the touch but also the void he leaves in Bella in regard to the relationship with his family. Cold and broken is Bella’s plight. Who can save her?

Flyleaf: “All Around me”

It sounds adolescent in many ways but it is reminiscent of the great love stories throughout the ages. For fans of the Twilight Saga, this song captures the emotion that Bell and Edward feel as they fight their feelings for each other to try and find some semblance of normalcy.

Boys Like Girls: “Thunder”

It may seem like a strange pick but innocence counts for a lot in the story of Edward and Bella. In New Moon Bella refers to that summer with Edward as the best of her life. So why not include a song that captures that emotion of pure, unending devotion?

Boa: “I’ll Eat You Up”

The title says it all. It is what Bella wants and Edward denies. It is a little darker, a little more demonic, but in the end those who have read the third installment in the Twilight saga know what this is leading to.

Sia: “Breathe Me”

”Breathe Me “ has taken on more controversy than anyone could have guessed with fans of Twilight who know there’s a huge push for it to be added to the New Moon soundtrack. Some Twilight lovers are adamant that it remains known for its use on the finale of “Six Feet Under”. Either way, “Breathe Me” is about that all-consuming love that wraps you up and refuses to let go. You live and breathe only for that one other person, and that is what Bella and Edward live for in each other.


Part Two of The Top 10 Most Anticipated Scenes in the ‘New Moon’ Movie
February 26, 2009, 2:12 am
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Laurent in the meadow: After several failed attempts to find the meadow, Bella finally locates it but is surprised to see Laurent there; who is unknowingly being pursued by the Wolf pack.
– Bella and Alice reunited: When Bella spots Carlisle’s car near her house and is ecstatic to see Alice inside; Alice saw her jump from a cliff and couldn’t help coming to check on Bella’s well-being.

– The Volturi: When Edward, Bella and Alice meet with the Volturi in Italy to negotiate their way home and Jane uses her power to cause Edward pain.

– Bella and Jacob’s age game: Jacob and Bella’s ongoing game that they play in which they add and subtract years from their actual age depending on silly things like height, experiences and accomplishments.

– Bella sees the wolves phase: After Bella and Jacob talk on the beach and discuss what he is, he takes her to the pack. Paul loses his temper, phases, and comes after Bella. Jacob phases and attacks Paul.

– The motorcycles: Bella cries in her truck when she realizes that Edward hasn’t kept up his end of the deal (“It will be as if I never existed”) and decides not to keep her end of the deal (“Don’t do anything reckless”). She finds the motorcycles and takes them to Jacob, where she offers him a motorcycle in exchange for riding lessons.

– Edward’s “first” proposal to Bella: After returning from the Cullens’ home, Edward and Bella continue to argue about her becoming a vampire. Edward asks Bella what she wants more than anything. Bella wants to have Edward be the one to change her. The condition? She marries Edward first.

– Meeting Emily: After Paul’s attempted attack, Embry and Jared take Bella to Emily’s house. We see the way the pack interacts with each other.

– Found: When Sam finds Bella laying in the woods after Edward tells her he’s leaving. Sam carries her home to Charlie and we see the note Edward forged for Bella, telling Charlie she’d be in the woods.

– Final confrontation: Jacob betrays Bella by telling Charlie about the motorcycle. He waits in the woods for Edward and Bella where Jacob reminds Edward that the treaty is over if any of the Cullens bite, not kill, a human.


Top 10 Reasons “Twilight” Sucks
February 19, 2009, 11:26 pm
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Its always good to hear Twilight from another perspective. Here is an article about why Twilight Sucks (although we know it doesnt)

Almost every morning when I come in to work here at College Times, I find a present on my desk I never asked for or wanted, usually placed there by photographer Ryan Ruiz. Among the lovely prizes I’ve found on my desk include a Nancy Drew video game (WTF!?), a plastic lizard on top of my computer monitor, two walkie talkies and a wheel belonging to a once-functional, now-hazardous chair.

My desk is what we in the biz call “the bitch desk.” A word to my coworkers: I’m not the intern anymore!

Continuing the shenanigans, the other morning Ryan decided to place “Twilight” stickers all over my computer monitor.

Now, I’ve never really discussed my loathing for “Twilight” with my coworkers, but my bitterness is about to be aired publicly. Here are the top 10 reasons “Twilight” really sucks (and not in the way it intends to).

10. Despite her obvious efforts, Valley author Stephanie Meyer is simply an awful writer. I feel horrible saying it, but at this point it has been made clear to the entire world. Sadly, I think her overly simple and cliché writing is what makes the book so appealing. Cracking open a thesaurus doesn’t make you a novelist.

9. These are the worst vampires in history. Rarely do main vampire Edward Cullen and his friends eat at all, despite being “vegetarian” vampires, feeding off animals instead of humans. And where did they gain this conscience? Why do they care if people die? They’re vampires!

8. I want to hit Bella. Not only is the character of Bella lacking any sort of emotional depth, but she allows herself to fall into the arms of an effing vampire. Any sane person would be weary of the situation. Not only that, but she proceeds to continue a bizarre codependent relationship with him. This “I love you … but stay away from me … but come here anyway,” BS that Edward pulls is just unhealthy. On that note …

7. I want to hit Edward. Mostly because he refuses to end Bella’s life by finally feasting on the blood he’s wanted for so long and thereby ending my misery. Go on! She’s delicious.

6. Edward is sooooooooooooooooo hot! OMG! Edward is sooooo freakin’ dreamy. You know how I know? Because Meyer makes hundreds of references to his beauty in the book. All the while, he lives up to being like most hot guys – completely vacant of personality. None of his creepy behavior (watching Bella as she sleeps, following her around so he can save her) would be tolerated if he weren’t 100 percent supa-fine. Which leads to point number 5 …

5. Vampires sparkle! Who knew vampires were so flamboyant? Edward leads Bella to the top of a mountain, where he proceeds to take off his shirt to show her why he can’t go in the sun. He’s sparkly! Do you get it now Bella!? He can’t go out into the sun because people will want to make handbags out of him! Despite that, Bella stares stupidly and tells him he’s “beautiful.” Surprise, surprise! Barf.

4. “You better hang on, spider monkey.” This is the only reason I saw the movie – um, twice. The first time it was with my mom, who, like most Phoenix housewives, loves the book. The second time was with my roommate after I begged her to come see the movie with me to hear one line. Edward tells Bella to hop on his back, looking back and telling her “you better hang on, spider monkey,” because he’s going to fly her above the trees and stare at her among the branches.

3. The movie has ruined two of my favorite bands. Muse and Radiohead are among the likes of Linkin Park and Paramore on the soundtrack. What!? The filmmakers went so far as to edit out a potentially risky Muse lyric in their song “Supermassive Black Hole.” The opening line of the song “Oh baby don’t you know I suffer? Oh baby can you hear me moan?” was edited down only to the first question. Because you can only moan during sex, you know.

2. Meyer clearly thinks she’s Bella. The plain, average character has five hot guys after her at any given time. Why? Because she’s so virtuous and plain! Guys love that! Meyer would know.

1. Bella sucks. And she’s not even a vampire. She has no problem being a “strong” little sassy pants toward her parents, but she can’t walk out the door without being victimized and therefore saved by the sparkly Edward.

The only one I agree with is the Muse one. I’ve been a fan of Muse since they began, and when I heard the song in the movie I was like “it doesnt even work”. Now all my friends are like “play that Muse song!!!11!111” when we are in the car, and it makes me angry. That isn’t even their best song. And when I mention my favourite band is Muse, everyones like “Its only because of Twilight”. No, it isn’t.


10 Things You Don’t Know About Kellan Lutz
February 6, 2009, 11:18 pm
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10 things that you may not have known about Kellan Lutz:
1. His middle name is Christopher
2. His favorite place in the world is South Africa (He filmed Generation Kill there)
3. He has 6 brothers and 1 sister – His sister is younger
4. He was born in Dickinson, North Dakota
5. He grew up in Arizona
6. He began modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch when he was 13 or 14
7. He can speak fluently in Spanish
8. He loves anything with a strawberry flavor
9. His hair is naturally curly – he wanted it to be curly for his role of Emmett, but he had gotten a buzz for a previous role and it didn’t grow back fast enough
10. He is 6′1″ and his shoe size is 12


10 Signs Your Obsessed With Twilight
January 28, 2009, 5:25 am
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10) You’ve memorized every line of the book series
9) You refer to yourself as a “Twilight Scholar”
8) Your screen name is a Twilight character’s name
7) You spend all day blogging about the movie
6) You are set to receive Twitter updates about “New Moon”
5) You think Catherine Hardwicke should be the next President of the United States
4) You actually think you have a future with either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner
3) You just know in your heart that vampires are real
2) You’re sure Twilight is non-fiction
1) You have your Google Alerts set to notify you anytime anyone in the world